What's with all the negativity?

Alright I'll bite. I stumbled in here from the "trending subreddit" at the top.

Reddit is getting over its Bernie phase. Hard. There's been a lot of Berniebots/Berniebros or whatever who have been basically beating a dead horse for a log time. Why I hate bernie bros:

(1) The BS martyr complex. The media is not blacking out or ignoring Sanders. Not at fucking all. He's been all over the and well covered. There were times coverage might have been light when he was polling at 15%. And occasionally the shit-train that is the Trump candidacy overshadowed freaking everything. But I gotta be honest, I don't think this holds water.

(2) A general naiveté that large swaths of the country don't agree with his positions. Listen, I like Bernie on a personal level. He's a genuine guy. I also think his policies will ruin this country. "The government is broken.....lets give it more power!" Now I'm a pretty hard libertarian, but most of the country leans moderate. I know a lot of people who are willing to swallow Clinton. Because while personally she's a mess, I'll take 4 more years of what basically would be an Obama administration.

(3) The political process. Okay, this is a broad criticism of how SO many people in the Bernie camp want to jump into criticizing the primary system. A system they don't try to acknowledge exists for a reason. And it comes off as petty in a way that seems like you're just complaining because he's not winning. Closed primaries, with very early deadlines to switch parties exist for a reason. Good reasons in fact. Same with super delegates system. Debate those reasons; don't bitch that the system is rigged. Because the Democratic party didn't field a viable presidential candidate from 68-92 (Carter only won riding the anti-Nixon wave) and that's why they put that system in. I mean, we have a gigantic shining example of WHY the Republican party probably needs super-delegates and closed primaries right now with Trump . f the republican party survives the Trump melt-down and doesn't jump ship to a new party, I'd be very unsurprised if they didn't implement more closed primaries and super-delegates.

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