What's the worst coaching decision ever?

Honestly I wouldn't even compare the two...

Andy Reid is far and away a better Coach.

He's gotten much more unlucky breaks in the playoffs and unfavorable match ups than all out fuck ups.

McCarthy on the other hand has had the opposite kind of luck: his team almost always has a fortunate call or play go their way (besides that Seattle game shivers). Not to mention, Aaron Rodgers is his quarterback and has had some of the best offensive numbers in the game for the last 6-7 years.

Reid went to 4 straight NFC Championship games with the Eagles, and continued to make them a relevant team during his tenure, then he took a mediocre Chiefs team to the Playoffs and has improved the team every year since. Not to mention he's doing it all with Alex Smith who has the weakest deep threat of any starting veteran QB in the league.

I just don't feel the same way about McCarthy. I don't believe if he was fired he could get a HC job at a very mediocre team like say the Jags or Texans and turn them into a powerhouse in ~2 seasons.

These are just my opinions though.

I liked McCarthy's play calls in a lot of situations but I feel like they've been overwhelmingly better since he stopped calling the plays.

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