What's the worst company you've been a part of and why?

A global service center-type BPO dati where I worked for a little over a year. I think they outsourced their tech support to another company a few years ago. I could probably write a novel about the fuckups, pero off the top of my head:

  • Sobrang babang salary for a service desk role despite being the largest company in the world in their industy. I heard that yung ibang kasabayan ko got 8.5k starting. I got a raise of 500 after my first year and I was asked if the raise made me happy.

  • I filed leaves months in advance and was approved sa system. I had plans na, tapos on the week before, half the leaves were cancelled. I was angry and asked for an explanation, and was told na kulang ang tao. The best part was that I found out na may ibang nag-leave so they had to cancel mine para may tao sa floor.

  • Hindi sa pagmamayabang, pero I was raking in gift certs kasi I was usually one of the people solving the most tickets each month. Minsan maga-announce sila ng awardee pero yung tao umalis na ng company weeks ago lol. We used to joke that this was the supernova effect - a person's performance greatly improves before they leave for greener pastures.

  • I was once asked to change the PC wallpapers of an entire EMEA office as a prank for April Fool's Day. E puta yung shift ko is Asia. Said no, I got escalated. Didn't give a shit anymore at that point.

  • When I resigned, one of the things my manager told me was that I shouldn't be leaving kasi I won't find a better job due to my inexperience. Super disheartening, pero ok lang kasi I was making over 3x in the next job. He was messaging me in LinkedIn a few years later kung may opening kami. Didn't reply.

  • Pag may nag-crave sa office, syempre ambagan. The same manager above would never pitch in, pero mas gahaman pa kay Bong Revilla kung maka-kuha ng kakainin.

  • I had a colleague who was employed in two companies at the same time. As in magta-time in sya sa amin, then when the TLs leave, lilipat sya sa kabila until end of shift. She was usually on the night shift and TLs never manned that shift, so she was able to pull off these shenanigans.

  • Pinagti-ticket ako on my last day when I should be doing my clearance. Wala kasing pumapasok due to the toxicity.

  • Walang succession planning or handovers. A colleague of mine who left before me had a support ticket unfinished. Na-escalate yung ticket ng user for a followup about 3 years after lol.

  • Had a colleague who had to do 3 straight shifts kasi nagkalat yung TL na nag-aayos ng team plan. We asked him to file a complaint sa DOLE, he resigned instead.

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