What's the worst customer service experience you've ever had?

About five or six years ago I was downtown at an HMV and after going to the cash to pay, the cashier told me the movies behind her were half off and if I'd be interested in buying any of these. I bought 'The Woman in Black' with Daniel Radcliffe. She then asked me if I was a big Daniel/'Harry Potter' fan and I said "No, not really. Just not my thing". She looked shocked then asked "really?!". I said "Yes". She then continued to ask me questions about why I wasn't a fan of the books/movies until I told her I would just really like for her to ring up my movies, she said "no".

At this point her manager who was at the end of the cash registers at the store computer ordering a movie for another customer, came over to me and asked me what was wrong. I told him that his cashier here wasn't gonna ring up my items because I don't like one of her favorite films. He looked shocked and let out a smirk and asked her if this was true. She said yes and stood by it 100%. He told her she had to check him out and that she was being unfair and crossing a line. She said she wasn't, and then yelled that she quit. She stormed off, the manager cashed me out with a shocked face and gave me a coupon for half off next visit. She zipped by me with her belongings and right out the store behind me.

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