What's the worst date you've ever been on?

Oh man, this is never going to be seen, plus its super long, this topic is already too far gone but man oh man...... this one was the worst. I should type it all out anyway.

It was an online thing, which I had done several times before. I was pretty good at it, about chatting with people and feeling them out before we meet. Like, right now I'm chatting with a girl and she feels like she's not my type, nice girl, but isn't digging my humor I guess. This girl though, we'll call her Heather, cause that was her name, Heather seemed to get my jokes and we had good conversations.

She just moved to my area, was just starting a new job, just got a new place, just started texting and calling me, everything was coming up Heather. Her brand new life was on a brand new great path. Heather seemed very sensitive. She told me about an online dating experience she had where out of nowhere, before even meeting the guy, he stopped talking to her. Then eventually the guy called her crazy. She was super hurt. I told her these things happen and meeting up is an important part of figuring a person out. That's why her and I talked on the phone and not just texted, a voice makes a big difference.

We're talking the night before our first date and she has a subject she wants to talk about. It sounds concerning. She says it's her roommate. She lives with a family and she rents a room upstairs as does this other man. She says this other man kind of casual was standing at Heather door saying hi and had his penis out. And she tried to politely make him aware of it. She tried to get my take on it, was it an accident or what?

I told her that men are generally very aware of their penis, especially right before talking to a woman, that this absolutely sounded like an intentional exposure. Heather was upset and started locking her door and told her landlord about it.

We meet up, at just a simple coffee/diner pie place and she's there, wearing pumps and as I would call a very clubby type dress. Like, flashy low cut, this dress is meant to come off. At place we both agreed upon, and the senior citizens are leaving for their early bird dinner type place. Little odd.

We talk about the roommate issue. How the landlord really dismissed the notion of this man being an issue. Heather seems so upset about this. She asks if I'll help her grab her stuff and she'll.... I dont know, as she said, but not stay there, she didn't feel safe there. I say, do you want to do that now? Forget dinner, lets take care of your life?!

No... no, lets not interrupt this clearly perfect first date. I get a slice of pie, I eventually never touch and get to go, I also pay for her meal. Her distress starts to increase. She thinks she may be assaulted. I say, we need to go the police. She tells me how she didn't have a background check done when she moved in and I said they probably didn't check him either.

Now..... I have PTSD and an anxiety disorder. I was trying really hard to remain calm. I stepped outside and called a friend of mine to get her take. My friend tried to keep me calm and said that she can sleep in her car. That she's a grown woman, she can take care of herself. She has options.

I go back in, make that suggestion. She still wants me to be there when she grabs her stuff. I agree to get in this womans car. With..... her dog... and her car smells. The dog had shit, on her yearbook.... perfect. She throws her yearbook away, cause it had dogshit on it. Good bye class of 2008. Her car stinks..... just uh.... I mean, the dog is clearly already living in her car. I think my car is a mess when I have receipts or a couple of empty water bottles, hers is..... beyond this level of mess.

We get to the place, she lives in the ghetto. I mean I dont know what else to call it, little mexico or something. I hope im not coming off as racist, she didn't seem to care, she was not about all these "brown people" that she had to live near. She eventually doesn't even use me, she has me wait in the car. With her little rat monkey dog, who starts to jump on me, bark at me and bite me.

At this point Im waiting for all my friends to come out with a camera crew. "Got you!" but.... no, no, only she comes out with close and a blender or something, I don't know, she's getting everything to get out of dodge. She feels scammed, like she's not getting this money back. I say to her that she has every right to stay there, she doesn't have to leave.

She wants to go to the police. I contacted another friend of mine about possible women's shelters. They were all pretty much closed at this point, cause, we had to get dinner first. I have her drive back to a highway patrol station which is close to my car. She's trying to get in touch with her aunt, she's thinking of making a 4 hour drive home to her parents, but her aunt is only 20 minutes away. We go to find a place to charge her phone.

Did I mention her first day of work for her new job she just got is the next day?

Remember.... I just met this person this day. We're at a coffee shop a block from my car, and she's charging and I duck into the bathroom for like.... a longer amount of time than needed. Im texting my friends and just trying to muster up the dickhead in me to just leave. To just run to my car and be gone.

She's in tears, she's hysterical on the phone with her aunt. Just no longer the person I talked to on the phone, she has fully transformed and her power level has blown up my scouter. Running doesn't feel like an option. After what feels like closing time, she hangs up. I walk her to her car.

She's going to stay with her aunt, for tonight at least. She then asks, in all seriousness, completely straight faced "would you like to get together again?"

I really didn't know what to say. I said "lets not worry about that right now"

Again, still serious, a little hurt in her voice "you don't want to go out for a second date?"

I step back a bit, remembering the direction of my car "you got a lot going on in your life, you should get where you living, your job, get that all sorted, you don't need to worry about a date with me" she says ok and then we left. The night was actually still very young, around 8pm. I went to see some of my friends at a comedy show, ironically it was ladies night. Heather texted me later thank you and good luck, she took the rejection that I didn't want to give her that night.

That is leaving many details out, but that's easily the worst date i've ever been on.

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