What's the worst example of personal hygiene you've ever seen from someone?

Probably myself. I was in deep deep depression hole. Fun times.

I did not shower for month and did not brush my teeth. Often times do not even bother to wipe my ass. It was during summer time.

I was pissing in bottles and in my room there were about 20-30liters, mixed with the smell of alcohol (was a heavy drinker for 3 years) and smoke. I did not even bother to use an ash catcher and used whatever I saw. Did not wash or change my underwear for 2-3 weeks- it smelled of piss and dick and add. Gross. The smell of puke was also relevant. Since I was an alcoholic I puked from time to time.

I did not change my bed sheets for 2 years and neither bring out the trash. Rotting food and at the end some maggots.

During that time I was functioning very well and did not even notice I was in full depression mode. I thought I was just a lazy asshole- fun times. Jeez embarrassing to talk about. Makes me feel better.

I am doing better now. Like almost have good hygienic state- only brushing teeth once a day but anything else is clean and non smelling.

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