Whats the worst excuse you've heard from someone who was caught being a pervert?

I read your whole comment and can relate to you as a person on more than the surface level. I say you don't respect her because you call her a friend but also call her skag, slut, "she doesn't respect me" etc...

Yeah it's called venting? Am I not allowed to have emotions? I don't call her names to her face or to anyone else. I actually enjoy conversation with her most of the time. I just hate how she brings up sex and romance when she knows my feelings and I ask her to stop. How is that not disrespect coming from her?

Friends talk to each other about crushes, and relationships. She's not teasing you but you might find it weird because you have stakes.

Except I immediately and continually rejected these conversational topics and she continued to talk about them anyway. Once again, how is this not disrespect towards my feelings? The first time I asked her out, I gave her lots of time to think about it and over the course of the day she playfully mentioned things that could mess up her availability but by the end of the day I learned she fucked a dude she used to know and at the end told me no we're not hanging out today.

Do you enjoy her company (yes or no?).

Sure, very much so. Except when she starts talking about her potential romances.

Does she provide utility to you as a friend? That can be emotional support, or you share the same humor. Not necessarily materialistic gain.

Sure emotional support perhaps. Even with our disagreements we're naturally stimulating to each other. We also like to exchange ideas which I really enjoy because I'm into debates and stuff like that but she sees it as me resisting her and not agreeing with everything she says.

Is this someone who's on a good track in life? Do you see yourself improving as a person just from knowing them. "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future"

At this point, probably not. I keep inquiring about her near future to which she has no plans. Plus all the unsafe fucking. I'm in better position than her financially and probably mentally.

Do you think you have a romantic/sexual future? I hate to put it as a point but this seems like a deal breaker to you.

Nope. And it is a deal breaker but like I said she gets clingy when I express my will to leave and I feel bad.

Remember. You only have your self-interest in mind. If a friendship is only making you feel worse about yourself, then you can move forward. It is no-one's fault. You just have different directions in life.

I'm going to disagree with you her. When I say I can't handle being just a friend, I mean that I can't trust myself around her and that she shouldn't either. I literally cannot handle myself. I like her too much. As I said she doesn't care. Told me to get over it.

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