Whats the worst gift you've ever recieved?

My dad never really bought gifts but he left it up to my step mom to buy in his behalf. We had two german shepards that were male and would always fight( 3-4 females also). So every night one of them had to sleep in my room after being outside all day in NC woods like backyard. Rain hail or heat, the dog was in my room at night, farting and smelling like ass all the damn time. Well, the females would go into heat, and when they do the males go nuts. You woukd think they were possessed trying to get a peace of that ass, clawing and scratching howling making wierd grunt noises.. you the club scene every weekend. So my borthday comes and im genuinely curious if im getting anything at all. I come home from school and go striGht to my room since i was always grounded for this or that stupid reason. I try to open the door and something is pushing against it. Now im excited be ause they did remember it was my birthday! My stepmom peeks around the corner, I hope you like your new carpet, good luck installing it. Yep, she got me a 10x11 piece of carpet from lowescut right off the main spool. Im just a teenager who knew only how to talk back and destroy things And not only was I given a carrrrrrpet but im supposed to install it? My room wasnt just my room, it was my dads storage area too. For years a timy piece of that carpet layed on top of the old carpet because no one knew how to do it properly. Then I ran away.. yea likes is a little better now.

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