What's the worst houseguest experience you've had?

My roommate had a one night stand with a girl who tried to move in. He left for work that morning with a “see yourself out” kind of situation. Well instead she brought over her dog and a bunch of her stuff while we were all at work. I was the first to get home that day, saw she had gone through ALL our stuff, rearranged the kitchen, “cleaned” our rooms, it was super violating. Called my roommate and told him what happened and he was like “uh I told her she could hang out maybe she misunderstood blah blah”. Soon as I get home our neighbor came over and said the dog had been chained up in the backyard all day crying and barking. This girl wouldn’t leave either. She thought that all the “cleaning and organizing” she did merited her a right to stay in our house. Started screaming at me. I almost called the police but I did eventually get her to leave. This girl was NUTS.

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