What's the worst mistake you've ever made?

I was going have me and my friends have a get together so we could get drunk and have fun like we do every week. Except this week I decided to visit my aunt 50 miles away and have it the next day, and text all my friends that, hearing back that they were still in for the next day.

I am at my aunts talking with her and having a fun time when I receive an urgent call from my best friends brother, he heard from the local hospital that has brother was admitted and he was contacted as his family. So I hear that and obviously start driving there to go visit him, give him shit about probably rolling his ankle or something, that kind of stuff. I call the hospital and lie, I claim I am his other brother currently in state visiting and somehow it works, I am connected to the doctor working with him. I tell him I am his brother driving over right now to visit him.

He says I should probably pull off the road, rather confusing, and then tells me that my best friend has suffered a massive heart attack while on his treadmill and died.

If I had had my get together my best friend would not have been on his treadmill at the time, but at my place, he would not have died. The autopsy found nothing with heart disease, I still have no idea how my healthy friend had a massive sudden heart attack, fell over, and died. If he had been with us and not working out at the exact wrong moment he would still be alive.

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