Whats the worst physical pain you've ever experienced?

Obviously they're nowhere near as bad as cluster headaches, but honestly people even underestimate migraines.

Throughout high school I would always get regular migraines. Nobody ever took them seriously, except for my parents (who, predictably, also both had migraines). It was always "oh you have a headache? That sucks, have you tried Advil?" They were the typical kind of migraine with puking and dizziness as well as the pain so Advil wasn't gonna cut it.

Now that I'm older (graduating university soon), I've started getting ocular migraines. I go blind for a full hour before I get the headaches, I get vertigo, and of course the usual nausea, dizziness, and pain. I hate them so much but there's actually a big silver lining: ever since I started going blind during them, people take my migraines seriously. If I have a migraine now my profs cut me slack, my boss tells me to take the afternoon off, because they've seen me stumble around blind and unfortunately a lot of people still need to see a physical sign to believe us sickies.

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