What's the worst, rudest, or most unprofessional treatment you've ever received from another officer- regardless of rank, and whether inside or outside of your jurisdiction?

Not a LEO here, but a hospital guard. Without being requested, one cop (from another city entirely) injected himself into a situation I had control of. Paranoid psych, but I was working him for a while now and was in good standing with him. Guy was wigging out about the people in the next room "watching him."

Before I even knew he was there, the officer stepped in front of me at the ER room doorway, commanded the patient to sit in bed, positioned himself beside the bed, then looked at me and said "We doing this?"

I short circuited for a minute. Then I realised he meant restraints. He wanted to go hands-on. Normally I appreciate an assist, but had this gone sideways into liabilityville, I would have covered my ass. I politely informed him that no restraints had been advised by the doctor. The officer then snapped a "Fine, I'm leaving. Just wanted to help!" and stormed out back to his unit.

This confused the shit out of me, as it was an entirely unnecessary escalation. The nurses weren't sure what happened either, he kind of came out of nowhere. Five minutes later the patient was joking with me about Live PD on TV and complying with IM sedative without restraint.

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