What's the worst thing a friend has ever done to you?

(Taken from my facebook.)

I understand that at our age, we lacked the ability to decide whether our actions are smart, or if they will make someone cry. But this was just unacceptable.

I was bullied a lot in elementary, as was everyone else except the "cool" kid of the school. That "cool" kid was A. He would have the entire grade 6 class sitting with him at the corner of the gym, while I sat alone on the other side of the gym, hoping that I would one day be accepted into their group or someone would come join me. I tried to sit with them multiple times, only for A to get everyone to shout, "BlueSkilly, go away!"

And holy shit did that hurt. But, I refused to go away, because I thought some people in their group actually liked me and that they would defend me. Only for the supervisor to come and take their side. He actually got me to sit somewhere else other than saying that they should allow me to sit with them. I was crying so hard at that point, seeing my classmates laugh at me, smile and enjoy themselves after I was moved away.

Then another day, B, C, D , A and I (yeah sometimes they let me play games with them, for some reason) were playing ball tag. We would be up on the top of the play ground and the person who is trying to hit us is at the bottom. I hit B, and I try to go up. B pushes me back down and tags me. I say out loud, "What the fuck?" and B looks at me. He goes up there and tells them that I swore, and they agree to go and tell on me. But here's the thing, C and D both swear around them. So they go down the hill to the portable and I follow them. They tell the teacher that I swore, and I'm trying to defend myself saying that C and D swear too. I think the punishment was detention or something, I don't know.

And then another day, we were in PE. And I was joking with A. (I forgot to mention that we were friends out of school, but just not in school. Sometimes we would hang out in school, as if he had different feelings towards me on different days. Funny how that works isn't it?) I started laughing at his joke (I had an annoying laugh) and he snapped. He started insulting me in any kind of way a grade 6 would. I wasn't moved. I went up for my turn in volleyball and then got off after my turn. And I had realized what had happened. I broke into tears, crying my ass off. Some guy named E comes over to me, asks what's wrong and I tell him. He goes to get the teacher, he comes over to me. He gets A and goes outside with him. I get called outside and the teacher tells me to say sorry to him. I didn't do anything to him so at that point I was crying even more wondering what I did to apologize to him.

And when he sat alone once, after all he put me through; I sat beside him.

And you know what, to this day A is still a big asshole. I was skyping F a while ago, and he was talking to A on facebook. I asked F to ask A what he thought about me now. He said, "I imagine he has a deep voice, that doesn't fit his bitch face."

So yeah, that pretty sums up my first friendship.

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