What's the worst thing a friend has ever done to you?

I was friends with a bunch of high school/college kids who were all really into partying, getting fucked up, and thought life was about nothing but hanging around. Even in high school I just wasn’t about that. I didn’t get along with a lot of the group.

One week, I was out of town to see my grandpa. The whole family went out to see him, to say goodbye one last time before they took him off of life support. His funeral was later that same week.

On the last night, after my Grandfather’s funeral, I got a text from one of my friends, Z.

Basically, Z was with about 12 other people, and they wanted to know if they could crash and my house, since I was out of town and all.

Obviously I said no, but asked who Z was with, and why they needed to crash at my place.

He said they were all really drunk, and about 6 of the 12 people he listed, I really disliked, didn’t trust, and in general just didn’t get along with.

I laughed to myself, how stupid could they be to think I would trust them all in my parents’ house all night! I was mildly annoyed, I felt like they were using me already, but mostly I was just amused.

The next morning, my parents and I returned home from my grandfather’s funeral. We were all sad, tired, and jet lagged. My dad freaked out when we drove up to our house. The garage door was open, we all thought we had been robbed. We preceded with caution and went into our house. There were thirteen fucking people sleeping on our living room floor.

My parents called the police of course, we got them all out of our house, but it only got worse from there.

In their drunken states, they had let my dog escape into the neighborhood, and basically trashed our house. They went through my personal things, the personal things of my parents, and there was a fucking piss stain in the carpet.

We had a message on the machine from a man who had hit my dog with his car in the middle of the night. Luckily, my dog was fine besides a few scratches, I’m just glad the guy who hit him was so nice.

I never talked to any of them again. I did get a lot of angry messages from them though, and a lot of their parents had shouting matches with my parents, because they blamed us for pressing charges.

I still keep in touch with the guy who hit my dog with his car, he pet sits for us sometimes.

TL;DR Drunk friends break into my house, trash it and almost kill my dog while I’m at my grandpa’s funeral.

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