What's the worst thing one of your siblings has done?

When I was younger I use to be a little s*** apparently, according to my two older brothers.

It was a normal day during the summer break, us three brothers at the house, the parents gone. I believe I was about 8yrs old, middle brother 14 and oldest 16. I wanted to go outside and play but my two older brothers told me no and just wanted to play the sega we had. So I got mad and took my little tikes plastic golf club and started swinging with all my might at my middle brother. This set him off and he ended up throwing a blue clues book at me *Direct hit to the dome*. I go down crying in a heap and my two older brothers told me i brought this upon myself which I did lol. But I didn't stop crying it hurt too much, they tell me to stop or it'll be worse but I couldn't stop so they rolled me up in a carpet like i was a cigarette and put me in the closet so they couldn't hear me. They let me out two hours later and I believe I went and told my parents when they got home so they got in trouble.

This was the early 2000's. We all laugh about the memories long ago whenever we get the chance to visit each other.

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