What's the worst thing you've witnessed at a wedding ? [serious]

Late to the party as usual but I have to comment. I've been waiting to tell this story since I was 14 years old.

So 14 years old, hating my step siblings with an undying passion but you see I was a lucky one because they were all 15 years older at least and lived out of the house. My douche stepbrother however, would often come to our house to use the hot tub when no one (but me) was home to entertain his lady friends; unbeknownst to his FIANCE AND KID. Apparently he thought I was like toddler age and couldn't put two and two together that these chicks weren't just friends of his. Anyway FF to the wedding and me being an angsty teen begging not to go because the wedding wont last. My sister (also 15+ years older) and I placed bets on how long the marriage would last. She said 3 months or something and I said 2 weeks tops..clearly I wasn't the only one thinking this wedding was absurd. Well I was forced to go anyway and here's the turn out. During the brides hair appointment her hair stylist RAN OUT OF THE SALON CRYING. Get this.. She and the groom were dating. She had asked bride who she was marrying, heard the name and ran out crying. Somehow wedding still proceeds.. Wedding ceremony, they kneel before altar and grooms shoes say "I'm gay." (Not really part of story but he was a douche and so were his friends.) Rehearsal: Bride is crying and couple is fighting. Groom gets so drunk he admits to all his shit. Gets even more drunk and takes his pants and boxers off and runs around/half dancing through the whole reception and all their family. Bride finally called it quits. Took off without him. Anulled the wedding and took off on the honeymoon with friends. Whew, and that's all folks.

Tl;Dr: Brides hairdresser is the other woman, Groom gets drunk and naked and dances around reception in front of all the family and friends. Wedding is anulled.

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