What's the worst way to break up with someone?

This girl I was with ghosted me. After a long time I decided to go to her house and leave a notebook as a present on her birthday because I knew she loved to read and write. In the note book I wrote a letter to her about how I missed her. I drew her based on what she knew was my favorite picture of her. And I even made the whole notebook a flip book in the corner of a Phoenix taking off and getting shot with an arrow and burning to the ground, then a baby appearing in the ashes. I also wrote little funny poems throughout...

Her dad called me the next day and said I can't leave presents on their doorstep and I need to let her go. She tried to make me feel like I was being a creep after that super thoughtful gift. But the fact that she was too cowardly to face me and had her dad call me completely shattered my illusion of her and was over her immediately.

I just want that notebook back now. I put a lot of effort making it amazing.

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