What's wrong with class collaborationism?

While I like the hierarchal structure of corporatism, the issue is that allowing a bourgeoisie to exist in any context will ultimately prove harmful. When one class is in a better position financially, it will seek to keep that status at any cost, especially at a great cost to the nation (I’m assuming that you’re coming at this from a nationalist perspective). Another issue is that preserving capitalist positions of power destroys the value of a hierarchy, which is that more skilled and intelligent people can naturally rise to the top. If we were to implement a class collaborationist form of corporatism, Jeff Bezos would be at the top of the economic hierarchy, and I don’t think I need to elaborate how that would be disastrous. Destroying current class relations and letting more natural hierarchies form is much better because it guarantees meritocracy rather than oligarchy.

Class collaboration also gives the bourgeoisie an incentive to slowly push a country back towards liberal capitalism. The degeneration of Nationalist Spain proves how easily this can happen if the bourgeoisie are allowed to stick around.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this, because there aren’t nearly enough corporatists on this sub

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