What's wrong with having a characters parents in this game?

I completely agree with you guys... These characters were all of the least interesting characters in the mk series. To me, something that always set MK apart from other games was how unique the fighters were, like Drahmin, Sektor, and Shinnok; respectively, a demon, a robot, and a dark god. Instead we get Human 1, Human 2, and Human 3. Cassie Cage was the least exciting of the new characters for me. Ugh. I just feel betrayed. Like they intentionally created the new characters (Kotal Kahn, Ferra Torr, Dvorah) just to get people excited and preorder a bunch of games, and once they got us hook, they just kinked the flow of creativity, and said, "eh, just give them these old characters. We already got them on the hook." THIS is why I preordered the game and got the Kombo Pack.

For me, my excitement for the game was like a bell curve. I was pretty excited at first, as I love MK, but I hadn't really heard enough about it to be really excited. Then as the kombat kasts videos came out I became more excited. Then... I started noticing things... Everything seemed rehashed. Kitanas rush down from her assassin variation seemed alot like the animation for night wings throw in Injustice. And when I saw reptile... Oh man... My heart sank you guys. I always loved reptile . And when I found out that they hardly did anything to change his variations... Invisibility?! Chip Damage?! Flash's speed force from Injustice?! I feel like they used zero effort in recreating him, because he was pass the hype swell. And worse, they made him a scrub character!

I was really looking forward to discovering what cool, new characters they were gonna come up with. Instead, we get the blandest characters from the series... Might as well throw in Mokap and Stryker... And did anyone notice how Kenshi's son and Scorpions Pupil looks like Snake from MGS?! And how all of the NEW special forces characters have the same color palate?? Black, grey, brown, dark green. Wow. Such Creativity. Bravo NRS. sigh I just hope Erron black and Reiko are cool... Although I'm gonna call it right now: Error Black is a Harley Quinn clone.

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