What's your 60 second story?

We're well over halfway through 2019 and the best thing that's happened to me this year has been a 5 week fling with a married guy.

I was going through a really bad time living abroad and met him at a bar. We hooked up even though I said I'd never get involved with a married guy. We gave each other fake names and never switched numbers. Every Tuesday he would drive his scooter to my place at 7am and would bring 2 coffees and 2 cookies. We'd hook up, then eat breakfast naked on the couch and talk until he left at 8.30am. Then I moved back to the UK and it was over.

Why was it the best thing this year? He was so open and honest with me. I always worried he'd never show, but there he was every Tuesday. We had beautiful, meaningful conversations and I felt myself for the first time in a long time. I'm not even sad that it's over, I'm just glad it happened.

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