What's your best Airline travel story?

A bit late, but whatever. Now, I don't know all of the details to these stories, but my dad has the worst luck when it comes to flying on airplanes. He and my mother went on a business trip, I didn't go, so I have no true evidence if any of this happened, but on the way there and back, he had the worst seating experiences. He hasn't gone an an airplane since. No TL:DR, apologies!

On the way there, my dad had to sit next to this gigantic man. My dad said he was probably 600 pounds. Now, they were sitting in the back of the plane, at night, and my mother had the window seat. My dad had the middle and assumed no one was coming. There were a few empty aisles in the back, too, and my dad was like "no way he sits here!" But, karma bit him that moment and was crammed with this big guy. My dad couldn't sleep and his head was crammed into this guy's arm / armpit when he lifted his arm. Apparently in the middle of the flight, the big guy farted which caused my father to vomit on my mother and they couldn't even get out to wash because the big guy was stuck in the seat. I wasn't there to see it, but I couldn't stop laughing when I heard this.

Now, on the way back from their trip, they were in the back again, but this time it was during the day, still 3 seat rows. Now, this time, a woman comes to the back with a dog. My mom/dad never told me how this woman got a dog on the plane, so I'm just assuming the dog was hypo-allergenic. I was also never told the breed, but it was big enough to have to take up two seats, so this dog was laying down on this woman's lap and my dad's lap. So, again, unlucky for him.

And, that was about that, I don't know much about the second one but all I know was it was about poor seating. The on-going flight was hilarious though.

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