What's your best "it's a small world after all" story?

I met my current SO randomly on Reddit several months back, and ever since then, we have made quite a few discoveries.

Back when I was in high school, an Australian woman would sometimes come to our school and talk during our chapel sessions. That woman turned out to be his mother.

The sound, light, and stage company that my school always hires to organize the senior graduation ceremony turned out to be owned by his father. I knew this because my SO works with his dad, and he asked me to be present when they were setting up for last year's graduation ceremony.

The president of the university that I currently attend is close friends with my SO's dad.

And last but not least is the one that really broke my brain. I've been attending regular therapy sessions for a few months now and I would sometimes mention my SO to my therapist. She once asked to see a photo of him to which I obliged, after which her face immediately lit up, because guess what, apparently she was best friends with his mom. Needless to say she was just as shook as I was.

My SO and I frequently joke about how "God obviously wants us to be together" or how we're "destined to be".

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