What's your craziest story from college?

So I was in a fraternity in college. Sophomore year we had a joint party with another fraternity. While that was going on we went into one of my friends rooms and our friends go yeah we're gonna snort adderall tonight it will be fun. I'm thinking, yeah I like to have fun I guess I'll try it. So we do it. Come out and party for a little bit before the cops show up and tell everyone to disperse because its too loud. So we go to another party for a little bit. Then the night is getting later (I should mention that stealing composites from sororities was a pastime of members of our house) tell me friend that I know the code to one of the sorority houses, we should walk over and grab it tonight. So we proceed to walk a half mile down the road to the house. Get in the front door no problem find the composite and we're out. We make it about 3/4 of the way back when all of the sudden a cop pulls up behind us and bloops its siren at us. We freeze, think we're obviously fucked. So my friend and I talk to the cop and I tell him I'm talking to one of the girls in the house and thats how we got in. The cop is actually pretty cool and just says that we need to go back and return it and we'll be okay. So the cop then follows us in his squad car as we walk all the way back to the Sorority. By the time we get there its about 3:30 in the morning. I punch in the code and walk in to put it up but the cop wants to confirm that with some one in the house that everything is okay. At this point ME MY FRIEND AND A COP are standing in a sorority at 3:30 in the morning while everyone that lives in the house is upstairs asleep. I realize how ridiculous this situation is and somehow talk the cop into letting us go by explaining everything is back and everyone is asleep.

The next thing I know my friend and I are now half way back to our house and I see the fraternity my friend is in and realize that he is probably still awake. My drunk self wanting to the keep the party going calls him (did you know that adderall does a great job of keeping you awake for long periods of time). Luckily he answers and Im over in his room drinking with him. The next thing I know we are back at my house playing CoD and the sun is rising and we still taking shots. I hear that the freshman have to go clean up the party from last night so I decide to go with them and watch. By the time they finish and we get back it is around 10:30 in the morning and I am finally exhausted. I get home about to go sleep when all of the sudden I run into our house mom who reminds me that I'm the kitchen manager and its Saturday which means I need to grill burgers for everyone in the house. So then in my drunken sleep deprived stupor I get the coals going and cook enough burgers to feed 60 guys. Finally after everyone had eaten and food was cleaned up I was able to fall asleep on my couch

TLDR: Adderall will keep you awake and drinking all night.

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