What's your dealbreaker when dating someone?

I don’t date anyone but if I did have any interest in doing that I have a ton of deal breakers (I’m 37 and female if that matters):

If you drive under the speed limit in the fast lane and don’t let people pass, or if you drive in the fast lane when no one is in the slow lane.

If you coal roll.

If you’ve removed the muffler on your vehicle.

If you drive fast on windy roads, or excessively in general (over 15 mph over)

If you tailgate drivers

If you don’t use blinkers

If you wait until you’re up someone’s ass to pass them even though you have two lanes and there’s no other traffic.

If you work in the oil field

If you support Donald Trump.

If you’re afraid Mexicans will steal your job even though you had to get a degree to have your job

If you’ve filed bankruptcy

If you mismanage your money

If you laugh at the idea of budgeting

If you take out loans or have credit cards (I suppose I could let one credit card slide and mortgages are exempt)

If you slut shame women

If you fat shame anyone

If you use the n word

If you use the f word (in relation to homosexuality, you can say fuck all day)

If you make rude or disrespectful comments about people behind their backs

If you are negative constantly

If you talk poorly about your friends behind their backs and never tell them what you think

If you drink alcohol every single day

If you eat fast food

If you do drugs besides marijuana

If you still live with roommates (I’m almost 40, and that means you haven’t worked yourself into a good paying position in life which ties in below)

If you never have money and I have to pay for everything

If you can’t afford to take a weekend vacation every once in a while

A lot of these are related to vehicles, but the reason why is vehicles can kill people and if you don’t drive like a decent human being, you could kill me. Not okay.

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