What's your depressing love story?

We started at dating at 18. She was somewhat controlling and would get jealous easily, but it wasn't too crazy and did not reflect her overall maturity level. Rather than drink, do drugs, or do stupid things with all our peers who did at the time, we spent the majority of our free time together. We did things like going to the park with our dogs, helping each other with schoolwork, working out, and just stayed out of trouble with productive activities. We both helped each other become better people.

This went on a few years until I graduated school. I was offered a job 3 hours away. It was my dream job and also my highest offer. She still had another year but encouraged me, with reluctance, to take the job and we'd make it work until she could move out there in a year. As moving day approached, she became very unstable and worried I'd leave her for someone else. I handled it very poorly. I loved her and was committed to spending my life with her... So I guess I felt insulted that she would think I'd leave her. To me it felt like she was doubting our relationship, so I began doubting it too.

Right before I left, I told her we should take a break and see how things are apart for a little bit. She was devastated and blew up my phone anyways once I left. Not only was she distracting me from my job, she was always upset and it was emotionally exhausting. After two weeks I decided to visit a friend for the weekend. We drank, played cards, talked, and just hung out. I forgot my phone charger, so I finally got to think things over without any stress as well. Long story short, I realized I was so caught up in the recent hard times, I forgot about all the good times. I missed her more than anything and knew I needed to get her back.

I wanted to surprise her so I call off work Monday and immediately drive back. I show up and she's not there. Her roommate sits me down and told me everyone hated seeing her torn up the past few weeks, so they set her up with someone. She was actually out with him now. I asked some details like who he is and whatnot... and eventually was told they've begun kissing and holding hands. I guess it could have been worse, but I assumed it was over and was so torn up I had to leave. Her roommate had texted her when I first showed up, so she pulled in right when I walked out to leave. She immediately hugged me. I broke down and cried..for the first and only time in my adult life.

She was overwhelmed by the fact I drove all that way to surprise her since I hadn't done anything like that in awhile. I explained how I realized the hard times got to me, and want to start making up for being so shitty the past few months. We both apologized. I was able to blame myself allowing the other guy and swallow my pride. We got back together and vowed to make it work.

The next few months were rough. I always knew she could get jealous and it was not a huge deal then, but now that she actually had been with someone else yet I hadn't... It was frustrating. I threw everything back on her. Combined with the stress from work, I had to do something. I visited nearly every weekend and all the jealousy and fighting stopped when we were together. I had faith in the relationship and still loved her, and saw her as more more important than my job... So ultimately I found another job back near her and decided to move back.

Things got really bad the two weeks before I did move. I put off all our fighting and basically ignored her, assuming once I got back everything would be perfect. Wrong. One day after I moved, Christmas Eve, she dumped me. Didn't give me a reason other than she was tired of fighting. In my mind we wouldn't be fighting now that I was home, but she didn't want to talk about it all. It was very frustrating, especially since I made such a bold decision to move back. In hindsight, I think she just needed space like I did... but I didn't give it to her. I walked out, but called her an hour later and we got into a heated discussion. She had never heard me yell and may have just overreacted or possibly this was just a way to force me away... but her family called me threatening me to stay away. Confused, I asked what's going on and they told me she called them saying I went crazy, and she worried I was going to come back over and feared for her life.

That was it. I was done. I stayed in town a week for the holidays but didn't contact her, thinking maybe she just needed that space. During this time she deleted all our pictures (most of which gone forever) and completely blocked me on social media. My family talked me into moving on and I realized her family probably was doing the same to her, especially now they think I'm crazy. I got my old job back and left town.

Three years later, she randomly unblocked me and added me on social media. She was single but seemingly dated a few guys for a little awhile the past few years. Considering I was kicked out by her in the first place and threatened, I waited for her to say something. She never did, but would 'like' pictures I posted. I grew very uncomfortable with it. We ended on such a bad note that I expected something to be said, regardless of her intentions for adding me again. Not knowing really stressed me out and I ultimately just blocked her to try to forget her.

But I didn't...I still think about her every single day. Now 4 years later, still we haven't spoken or even seen each other.

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