What's your example of sexism in everyday life?

I am big into World of Warcraft. I main three specs of Priest, and I am one of the top players on my server. Our raid team is usually first or second on the server, and is lead by an amazing woman. Once, we pugged a DK tank for mythic MOTHER during Uldir back when BFA first came out because our tank went MIA for like an hour.

And this guy cuts our raid lead mid-explanation and starts backseat leading and completely ignoring her. She quickly takes back control, sadly she is used to that kind of behavior, but we all kinda cringe.

This guy then starts messaging me, mid fuckin raid, creeping on my Discord pic, commenting on how attractive I was, asking if I "needed a M +10 carry", or if I wanted to ditch my guild for his (which is sniping, a big no-no in WoW). He then starts bragging about his Raider IO score. At this point I just link him my own Raider IO page, my score being significantly higher than his, and tell him I can carry him better than he can carry me and that I can cut him a deal.

He ended up leaving raid.

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