whats your experience carding apple instore??

What the fuck are you talking about?

I am not frauding for 30k you dimwit, I actually have physical goods and my skillset goes beyond merely ripping off folks and their bank accounts and I sure as shit don't needn't partners like your bitch ass advertises for on this sub like every other pathetic mark . I actually provide products legitimately for people who pay for and get what they want

You talkin like you're some fuckin thug yet referencing COD-- you are just another fuckin wannabe talker on this sub

Fwiw I know fuck all about any of what u folks talk about here- I came to learn and all I found out was 1.) this sub is full of e gangsters who talk the talk but in Pm's are begging me for free why 2.) most prolific posters here have hard time putting cpl hundred bucks together 3.) full of scammers and you probably are one too fishing for partners to help u with shit

Why the FUCK do you need help doing your fraud shit? And why r u looking for it on a clearnet Reddit forum

You fucking dork need to cool your e thug charisma and actually Put up some proof you are actually doing work and help people put or feck off

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