What's your family's darkest secret?

My sister allowed her 12 year old daughter to sleep with a 19 year old guy that she had met. Took her to the Drs and claimed menstrual pain to get her on the pill. She also left her two kids (9 and 4 at the time)with their alcoholic, drug using father who didn’t bother to feed them or supervise bed time. I get that she had to work nights, but she knew what he was like and refused to get a sitter. When I raised it as an issue my mother agreed with me. Then when the s**t really hit the fan, my mother denied all knowledge and told people that I had made it all up! I’m no contact with my sister and my mother now. My father also had another child with a another woman who was born in the same year as me. Apples and trees though because my Grandfather also had another family.

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