What's your grandpa's war story?

Paternal grandpa:

  • He was a founding member of the American OSS and later the CIA. His job during the war was interrogating captured German spies to get intel on Russia. The ones who cooperated were given new identities and nice homes in the Midwest somewhere. After the war, his job was overthrowing governments in the Middle East.

Paternal grandma:

  • She was a secret agent with the British Special Operations Executive. When it was decided that a given bridge had to be blown up by covert operatives, it was her job to sift through any photos she could find of the bridge, do a structural analysis, and draw a big X where they had to plant the explosives. After the war, she worked as an archaeologist in all the Middle Eastern countries her American husband was busy fucking up.

Maternal great-grandfather:

  • Was a Nazi party member and journalist attached to the German diplomatic mission to Japan. He reported the Sino-Japanese war for the German press.

Maternal great-grandmother:

  • Was so horrified by what her husband saw, that she tried to personally tell Emperor Hirohito to stop the war (and that he was being misled by his generals). This did not turn out well for her. She was declared insane and shipped off to an asylum in Scotland, where she was given a groundbreaking new treatment: lobotomy. She was henceforth unable to care for herself, and lived the rest of her life in the asylum.

Other maternal great-grandmother:

  • Spent WWII in prison in England for being a prominent Fascist (and alleged spy for Germany, although I doubt she was one; she was most certainly a Fascist though)
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