Whats your guys' farming set up?

Ember farming: For the assassin/lancer node, Altria/Rhyme/Spartacus and support Waver with plugsuit MC. For the other two nodes, Arash/Fran/Lancelot and support Waver with mage association MC. Last two slots used for bonding.

QP farming: Drake/Arash/Shakespeare/Medusa, and whatever MC I want to level up. Last two slots used for MLB Mona Lisas.

I don't really have dedicated team comps for class dailies, since I don't farm them much, but I was able to consistently 3-turn 40AP assassin yesterday with Spartacus/Rhyme/Sanzang and a support Waver. and the day before I was (mostly) 4-turning the 40AP caster node with an Alexander/Ushi/Ridertoki and support Waver team.

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