Whats your "I'm glad I tried it, but never again" story?

When i was 18, I was stationed in Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea. I immediately loved going out and exploring, learning about the korean culture and seeing what they had to offer. In the military, we have Korean American Soldiers in the US Army. The South Koreans have their own Army, and then there are South Koreans that are known as KATUSA'S (korean augmentees to the us army). Katusas work alongside us in our buildings, they sleep in our barracks with us, eat chow and even stand next to us in our formations.

Back to the story--I had a KATUSA friend that would see my interest, and he'd invite me to get to know more about his country. Eventually, his family invited me to eat with them, and they asked me if i'd be interested in eating Kaegogi (not sure how to spell it, but i was already familiar with the word). We went out to eat at a very nice restaurant, and ordered it off of the menu in 3 different styled dishes. Needless to say, the dog was by far the most expensive meat on the menu. The dogs are supposed to be farm raised and what not (not that it fuckin matters, its still a dog).

So to answer the old adage, no it does not taste like chicken. in fact, it's more of a goat/lamb flavor.

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