What's your life story?

1-7: happy and very self assured child 8-12: moved to a new city slowly loses self confidence gets neglected a lot 13: realizes that lacks beauty, insecurities are in full bloom 14-15: angry with a god complex teenager and also becoming depressed because i finally realized how neglected i was and am by my family 15-17: heavily and high functioning depressed teenager attempted suicide no one find out because i didn't go all the way (wish i had now) moves out to a new city for uni, no family almost 18 and doing ok wow i'm kind of not so depressed anymore (this is the delusion phase) 18-19: a few mental breakdowns nothing that i can't deal with i have been through worse almost at 20yo markup got employed for the first time as an intern, kinda shitty job, drop out in the beginning of this year because i was too overwhelmed by anxiety and depression highlighted because of the job 20-now: a series of unfortunate events happened and they keep happening and i can't get my shit together since. i couldn't finish an extracurricular course of 2 years because i couldn't bring myself to attend the useless classes of the last semester. managed to get a bf, healthy relationship despite everything, never had a bf before. went through a therapist for the first time, thought now i'm going to get my shit together, didn't work out, too anxious to even make to the sessions. i do good at uni though, it's the only thing i still care about i think, at least i'm dedicated to it. got to talk about a group project i did at uni in a congress somewhat important to my field course at uni. rn i can't sleep bc i'm too sad and crying a lot. my birthday is in a few days and i want to kill myself so bad. jesus this is too pathetic

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