What's your most embarrassing moment in High School?

It did. 1997, Abraham Lincoln High School. Don’t remember the teachers name but she wore a wig. A bunch of us went to the Grove, got drunk on whatever Nick stole from his father’s cabinet. We went back to school. I sat down and was laughing at myself when this kid named Deshaun, and another kid, maybe Scott, were being assholes and throwing shit at me because they wanted to fuck with me while drunk. I was grilling a skate key pissed odd. They threw something again and I got up and ranted about how the teacher couldn’t control her class, etc. went to the back door and tried to leave but it wouldn’t open. Went to the front door, still ranting, went down from the second floor to the basement level, jumped on my skateboard, and headed off into the Sunset District to find my friends who hadn’t come back to class. I didn’t bother going back to the class because I was embarrassed. The teacher finally saw me leaving the art class at first period and said she was sorry for what happened and I was welcome back.

If you’re thinking it’s fake due to the absences, the 90s in SF weren’t super authoritative like modern schools are. If you went to any of your first four periods, they wouldn’t mark you as absent. Why she didn’t inform the Dean, Mr. no neck Sullivan, I have no clue. I had multiple classes with 30 or more absences, so whatever, maybe they didn’t care.

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