What's your most radical political belief that isn't found in any candidate?

I've got several!

1) Taxpayers should stop footing the bills for any and all professional sports arenas or related improvements. The NFL makes a shit ton of money and 68% of the costs of new stadiums were paid for by taxpayers.

2) We should start paying educators like other seasoned, educated professionals. They have one of the most important jobs in the world and yet we pay them barely better than the janitors who clean their schools. Increase the pay, raise the standards of performance and get better teachers. They spend more time with our kids than we do most of the time

3) Elected officials should have term limits. All of them. And to add to this, we should end all contributions from corporate entities. Completely gone. Corporations = / = people so their money shouldn't be able to buy them their own politicians.

4) Legalize all drugs, tax and regulate them. Eliminate the black market trades and force the issue back into daylight.

5) Complete overhaul of the US criminal justice system. End for profit prisons. Reduce incarceration rates. Eliminate the racial disparities of draconian minimum sentencing laws. Focus on rehab not how long you can lock people up. Europe has a lot to teach us about this.

6) Cut the Department of Defense budget by no less than 40%. As a government employee and long term former member of the military, we waste a SHIT LOAD of money. Its borderline criminal just how much money is wasted by the DoD. If you want any examples check out our complete lack of accountability for most of the money spent in the reconstruction efforts of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I'm sure there are others but these are the ones that stick out the most.

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