What's your take on charity? Here's one that I agree with:

Charities are more efficient than government according to pretty much every study. More of the money donated to charities end up going to the cause that you want to help than if the government did it. You can't seriously be complaining about charities having useless staff when comparing it to the government lol.

Charities have to compete with each other, again, use something like givewell.org and you'll be able to pick out the least corrupt ones. The ones with overbloated management rank low, while ones with good management rank high. Pretty simple to pick out the right ones.

Instead we have a system of drama theater with awards going to whomever can create the best marketing strategy for Beggers.

Would you rather a charity use 80% of $1k it recieves or 70% of $100k it recieves to help something after advertising? The people running the top charities are very competent and they know how to make sure the most money goes to the cause they're promoting.

I am tired of arrogant people who have never ran any organisation complaining about stuff they have no idea about. Why don't you listen to people who actually know what managing a huge organisation like that requires (aka, websites like givewell.org) instead of whatever your uneducated opinion is?

It's the same anti-intellectualism that leads to anti-vax, climate change denialism, and other stuff like that. Ignoring expert opinions because they don't fit your priors.

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