What's your take on marijuana? Should it be legalized? Why? Why not?

Yeah,the other example is local rakshi(costing Nrs 10 per glass 200-250 ml ) which is still illegal .I do know couple of people who makes their liveli hood even by manufacturing and selling at that cost which is illegal .

When the same branded rakshi after paying tax would had cost minimum of (NRs 300) example is canned "Chayang ","Beer".There are other things going on a market like food adulteration but question arises does these large scale Nepali brewery /Distilleries follow those protocol ?

If anyone is supporters of weed and does trades weeds they would rather un support this legalise ganja movement but if it's for getting some youtube fan followers or expect some big business enters this game then these now consumer and producer are fucked one way or other.

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