What's your, "Tis but a scratch!" moment?

I was working with plastic molded kayaks that came out of a roto-mold oven, very hot. Boss interrupted us after we pulled one out, it cooled and I didnt take that into account while I was trimming. Utility knife hook blade snapped off on my first cut and the rest of the jagged blade ran straight up my forearm and jammed into my elbow joint. The cut was about 8 inches long and went deep. !!!(always cut away from yourself)!!! Idk if it was shock, because it hurt like my arm was on fire, but I looked at my buddy and said to him "Well that's a bummer" he laughed with some concern and I went to go clean it.

Thank god didn't hit anything serious, and I was actually able to keep working the next 9 hours because I had to keep my "young and tough" persona in that factory full of old guys, and American health insurance is bogus.

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