What's your, "Tis but a scratch!" moment?

Motorbike accident and then run over by a car all in a 3 week period, I was 17 at the time and in the middle of my apprenticeship and used to ride my motorbike to work regularly.

The day of the motorbike accident I was really stressed out about personal issues and had a bad day I work. I told my supervisor at the time that I had to go home and rushed out in an absolute rage. I got about a mile from my work and fell off my bike going round a roundabout too fast. At the time and elderly couple stopped helped me pick my bike up and I just rode it the other 7 miles home, thinking about how much my shoulder hurt. When I got home you could see the edge of the bone poking the skin but it had not broken through the skin. I had to spend the next 6 weeks in a sling.

About 3 weeks later I went to get drunk at someone’s house and me and my friends were smoking a lot of weed at the time. I woke up the next day got drunk again, then ran out of weed so me and my friend wanted to buy some more I know this was bad for the age that I was. I was not wearing my sling at the time and we just went down the nearest main round and eventually found some other lads with the same ideas and the led us to a dealer and we got what we wanted then left. On the way back at a crossroads I walked out right into a road and got hit by a car and hit the back of my head on the tarmac. Luckily my legend of a friend managed eventually to help me up, even though an ambulance and been called and we just walked away like nothing happened. My face was covered in blood and had a large graze on the back of my head people were asking me if I was okay and I was just like yeah I’m good. We went back to the house me and my friend smoked a joint that took way too long because I was obviously concussed and then just casually got a taxi to hospital, where I said I fell over because I was worried about them knowing I had been in an accident.

This sounds like it went quite smoothly but that was not the case I just didn’t want the comment to be even longer, it was a mad month for me. I was off work all around Christmas though so I still think it was an absolute win.

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