What's your, "Tis but a scratch!" moment?

When I was a kid I was really smart.
A mate and me decided to play piggy in the middle with a dog and his food bowl. dog missed the food bowl and got my left arm at the elbow joint instead.
Bit almost 100% through, just hanging on dangling down by skin that I could feel tearing as I watched arterial blood splurt out about 6 feet.
The woman who's house I was at heard he son's screams and ran out, luckily she was doing dishes at the time and had a tea towel over her shoulder, she used that to tie my forearm to my upper arm a and saved my life.
At the hospital they didn't put me under I guess to lack of blood but I remember them having a curtain they had to remove trying to stop me seeing them sew me back together, they had to remove it because I kept on moving trying to see over it to look at my arm being fixed.
I finally felt pain when one of the docs reached up into my arm and grabbed what I still guess is a nerve to pull down to sew up because that's when I screamed and blacked out.

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