What's your, "Tis but a scratch!" moment?

Just a few days ago:

Chopping down 20' palm from a tall ladder.

First cut about 1/3 from top.

Falls weird "Oh, fuck."

I turn off the chainsaw.

The top slips in between stump and ladder.

just before it kicks out the ladders legs under me, I decide to jump for the remaining 14 or so feet of tree with my right hand, holding onto the chainsaw with my left.

My grip slips, but it slows my fall as I land in the sitting position on the part I just cut off.

Two minor scrapes, and some knee pain.

If I hadn't bailed on the ladder, it might not have bucked so much, but I sure as hell wasn't going to lose the chance to use the only remaining tall object to slow my fall.

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