What's your true scary story?

I was listening to a few true scary story podcasts the other day and it got me thinking back to two scary / disturbing events that happened to me . one when I was a kid and full curiosity ,while the other when I became an adult still full of curiosity. I honestly don’t know which one to start off with ,as they both make my blood run cold . So I guess I’ll go in chronological order The first event happened when I was about 10 my sister was 3 years younger than myself at the time . On this day it was a pretty warm day ,i remember this day well because I was complaining to my mother about walking to the shops when it was becoming so hot . But she managed to convince me as she said “if you’d just do what you’re told i’ll Get you and your sister whatever you want” -my mother didn’t really ever have the proper tools to discipline us , so that was her way of dealing with us . my mum wasn’t the nurturing type at all so we obiliged and settled down we made a day of looking around the shops and getting some lunch before heading towards the last shop my mother wanted to go to beforehand she said , “You pair sit on that bench while I go in for some stuff” (looking back on it sends red flags into my mind) The reason being is she could have just brought us into that last shop but she didn’t . So we sat on that bench waiting for her to come out of the shop We had been fiddling with our new toys for a good 5 minutes When a man in a red/brown van drove past us wanting us to come over to the van saying he needed ‘help’ and kept waving us over to that van . My sister got up innocently thinking the man genuinely needed help, but I pushed her back down on the seat. “But he needs help ?” Me - “NOPE.” While shaking my head - I knew . I knew it wasn’t help this man needed It was a feeling I had in my gut . So I shook my head at him and we stayed put After a good 2 minutes he gave up and drove away. Now at this stage our mother was still in the shop and we’re getting fidgety , wondering where she was and what on earth she was doing taking so long When little did we know the red/ brown van did a loop and circled back around the block to us , again . Once again he tried to coax us over calling out to us guesturing for us to come over to the van . We stayed put , my sister was starting to get a little scared I could tell the man was starting to get a little agitated and frustrated . I just looked straight at him and shook my head no . After a good couple of more minutes trying to persuade us , there came along traffic behind him and miraculously, that forced him to move along - he didn’t come back after that . Part of me thinks it’s super weird that our mother wouldn’t let us come into that last shop like she had planned out us disappearing altogether or something like that Like I said , she wasn’t a very nurturing mother/ person.

Second story - (sorry if these are mighty long ) So my second story takes place in my early adult years I worked at a pub & it was great it was my first job , everyone was friendly I made wonderful friends who I still keep in contact with to this day . I had been 3 years into my job when they had a special event on where a psychic would do special free readings to some of the staff members, and we were all intrigued we were curious at the same time , so on that particular day I thought yeah okay why not this could be interesting ! To give you background of the workplace, there are no fences except on one of the sides this will come into play later on in the story . It was my turn for my reading So I walked in I said the usual hello ,how are you exchanged some chit chat talk all of a sudden the psychic looked me dead serious in the face and said , “ when you first walked into the door ,two spirits walked in with you a man and a woman” At this stage I’m looking around nervously , thinking uhhh ... okay then ? Trying not to spook myself out too much playing it cool . She goes on to say “ the man ... he keeps telling me honk , honk , honk and it keeps getting louder !” And I’m trying to rack my brain looking puzzled and then it clicked , I remembered my old neighbour who’d passed in a very serious truck accident that actually got a lot of paper and news publicity . I yelled out (names changed for privacy ) “OH ! THATS ADAM ! MY OLD NEIGHBOUR !” she then looked at me and said ,the woman keeps calling you babe and (and other familiar terms of endearment) And this lady spirit was apparently talking to me in a no nonsense tone , my mind went straight to my nan that was her to a T , Very no nonsense , she called me babe . The psychic said she could hear one or both of them all of a sudden continuously say , “RED” “RED” “RED” over and over louder and louder , like they were trying so hard to get the message across This actually frightened me a little bit ! so I finished up my session and thanked the lady . I’ve often wondered what it was that they were trying to tell me and I’ve never figured it out til recently.I think what they were saying was at the time of me working at the pub that I was in danger . Why is that a possibility you probably ask ? Well.... on night shift I would be tasked with taking the rubbish out back to the parking lot, there was never any fence so anyone could have drove in or walked over from off the street ready to go at me. There was no lighting so I would have never seen a potential attacker coming , and NO security cameras so there would be no evidence whatsoever. I haven’t worked there in a few years now .

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