What's in your vehicle/truck kit?

Keep a large backpack in my truck. Unfortunately it's a magnet for people breaking in to my truck.

Paper Road Map           Toilet paper (vacuum sealed) Playing Cards Emergency contact list / phone numbers Copy of drivers license, passport, health insurance card Survival book (small) Money Dopp kit Medium camp towel Multi-tool Large knife Sm wool blanket Food x 2 Water Light sticks Candle Flashlight         Emergency radio Bic lighters weather proof lighters Sm roll Gorilla tape Sm first aid kit Sewing kit       Cheap pair of jeans Sh sleeve shirt Lng sleeve shirt Underwear Fleece jacket Lg bandanna Rain coat Work Gloves Socks Sneakers Phone battery charger Bath and hand wipes Compass electrolyte tabs for water bug spray Sunscreen Safety glasses N99 safety mask w/filters shemagh Ear plugs Mirror Contractor bag x 2 Gallon zip lock bags x 2 Para cord Write in rain notebook Nitrile gloves x 2 prepaid cell hand sanitizer ear bud headphones folding cup Write in rain pen Tinder fire starter Solar panel charger High visibility vest Hat Pocket chainsaw

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