What's your YouTube Channel about, and why should we watch it?

Paragraphs are your friend :(

>That all sounds great and all, however, I have insurance with my Job and I have no problems with getting any of these benefits listed below

Ugh. I hate this argument. "This doesn't currently affect me so I don't care."

> And since only 50% of the people in America pay taxes, we are already supporting the medical care for those 50% that don't pay taxes.

These figures are for income tax only, everyone who buys anything pays sales tax, etc.

> "If you make under %250,000, you will not see any tax increases!". That is a bold faced lie.

Ask him what tax he is referring to? Because the only one I've seen is the .9% increase for people making over 250k.

> The doctors will no longer be able to decide what is best for you, nor will yourself. And because of this, Doctors are quitting their profession which in end, only means less doctors and far greater amounts of people needing treatments which only ends up in treatments being rationed.


>And in the end, Healthcare costs will rise and already are on the rise, so companies are cancelling their group policies forcing individuals to purchase their own healthcare because its not cost effective any more for them to pay for it

Maybe your cousin should look at healthcare costs in countries with socialized medicine already in place, and see how inefficient our current system is.

>Just look at Europe, they tried socialized medicine and its causing them to go Bankrupt.


>This is not what America was founded on. America was founded on freedoms that allow the American people to decide what is best for ourselves.

I like using the analogy of car insurance, since it is somewhat similar. I bet if there were no state mandates on car insurance, hardly anyone would have it, because people don't think they are going to be in an accident until it happens to them. Car insurance, where mandated, is pretty much the same thing as mandated health insurance, it's just a good thing for society.

>you'll see that it only gives more power to the government and reduces freedom in America

Or, you know, it'll give everyone access to health care.

>And if America is not free, then the whole world suffers because there is no place greater than home."


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