When you have 120k power teams in Silver 4.. No wonder I can't get to Gold lol- WTF happened to Arena difficulty

Oh I know I usually do that right away, just saying if for some reason I get on for most of a day and it coincides with a reset if I came back and happened to get pummeled by the plat-aiming teams a couple of dozen times byt he time I get back on I could be permanently screwed in the arena and never get back to gold 4 (which I've held for most of the year) by the sound of things in the lower tiers. lower tiers were having issues for quite a few months now, but I think much of that was inactive teams with decaying elo every reset being knocked into lower tiers every reset and eventually making it down into silver and even bronze 4 (or bronze 3 in rare cases) lol. Couple what they're describing coinciding with this recent arena addition and if it doesn't sort itself out into a similar equilibrium to what we had before with the tiers and I'm gonna have to start sweating once a week over this if I can't be on it right away every reset. Even if it turns out to not be a legitimate fear, my mind will still focus on it regardless since I'm just that way about some things. I have to stay ahead of things and not drop my guard. It carries into modern game designs too unfortunately, which may be why I've been losing my interest in gaming the past 4 or 5 maybe even 6 years or so since I often feel tense and too serious about how effectively and efficiently I play games too. I got back into single player games as a result and just started having relaxing fun like I used to, jedi fallen order has reminded me of what it's like just having fun with games rather than turning them into something overly competitive (l4d versus was competitive in a fun way, but these mobiles and some modern shooters are often the unfun sort of tense competition to kind of give an example of what I mean I reckon scarcity of progression or timegates really bring out the worst in me)

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