When I am trying to focus on something, and someone keeps talking to me...

Oh it's definitely not just you. This. Drives. Me. Insane! Every day. We have three young kids too, so it's extra exhausting as obviously I can't just (usually) ignore them until I'm 'ready'. Even worse, but in a similar vein, I - like many Aspies/Auties/whatever am a huge geek. I run Linux, BSD, macOS and various other OS, and code/build routers and firewalls as part of my special interests.

Being tech savvy and privacy conscious, I closed down various social media accounts (primarily Facebook, Google+ and such) and my Google account a while ago now. No point running a hardened OS, hardened browser setup and a hardened network + VPN if you're going to give everything over to Zuck for free anyway. The strange (annoying) thing is, I seem to hear more about bloody Facebook now than when I was on it myself. "Hey, on Facebook"... "Someone on Facebook"... "Facebook today".... If I cared what moronic/racist/conspiratorial bull was on Facebook, today or any other day, I'd be on the blasted thing! Bonus points for telling me while I'm mid-way through some complex code or troubleshooting. End rant!

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