When are all these petitioners going to leave?

It's a profitable business, they make about $2.50 to $5.00 per signature depending on the petition, I got offered a job with them at one point.

Funny thing is my CC that I transferred from threw them all out, never heard from them again. But CSUF has a harder time with this because technically they're a state funded university so you have constitutional issues at play.

It also doesn't help that they're predominately black which means that if the state tries something they can easily just claim that they're title 7 rights are being violated.

Not trying to get too political or anything, but its a well known fact that CSUF leans towards the left of the political spectrum in comparison to privately funded schools that tend to lean towards the right.

In light of this, they tread very cautiously making sure that no one gets offended nor excluded

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