When you are becoming depressed do you also get these kinds of memories?

I've never been diagnosed with depression, so I won't pretend to know exactly what you're struggling with, but as u/LowCommunicationpt2 said: you put into words what I've not been able to describe. Usually memories of dumb crap I did start to come up after I've failed at something big, or recently feel like I disappointed someone. It's like my brain says "Look at you, you screwed up again. Remember that thing you did when you were 7? Or that time when you were 12 and did that one reaallly stupid thing? Yup, not surprised you're here now."

Then over the next few days or sometimes weeks I'll start remembering more and more things that make me feel like a garbage person. And yet when I walk out the door in the morning I can't even remember if I put deodorant on and have to double check almost daily, which then makes me feel as dumb as that 12 year old my brain reminded me about. I feel like I'm a pretty average person when it comes to getting along with others, but sometimes these thoughts really make me question myself and what others think about me. At it's worst I felt like such an idiot that I thought people were just pretending to like me to my face while secretly hating me.

It's an awful train of thought to be stuck on, and difficult to derail. I don't mean to come off long-winded and self-centered, but your post made me feel like I'm not alone when it comes to old screw ups resurfacing, thank you for sharing your experience. I hope this depressive occurrence passes for you soon.

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