When can you say that feminism is toxic?

At this very moment in time , almost all the time . In the U.S . To be fair , a lot of it is just misguided. That’s until its exploited for profit like it is by brands , influencers and anyone that wants to appeal to females . It’s a way to control ppl by having them identify with a group and then feeling obligated to live up to the demands of that group , even when such a group is toxic . Feminism perpetuates the false idea that woman are inherently innocent and powerless , both of which are false and contradictory to what the message of feminism is supposed to be . When it hyper sexualizes woman and even kids. When conflated with sex work , this one has so many toxic points. As a stripper I find it frustrating that feminism is used more so to exploit women , then realistically inform and protect them .

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