When is "Christian skepticism" of the Bible's accuracy appropriate?

There are people out there who don’t believe parts of the Bible but consider themselves Christians or Christ followers. One of my favorite musical artists, I just found out doesn’t believe the Bible but has a lot of Biblical imagery in his songs he’s written and performs. He mentioned Noah’s Ark as one story he doesn’t believe. And then you have some like Thomas Jefferson, who was really a deist, that wrote his own version of the Bible excluding all the miracles Jesus performed.

I’m not really sure how to answer your dilemma other than, I think we all come to different conclusions for different reasons.

I think it’s wise to pray and meditate on this before coming to any solid conclusion. I think it’s wise to do some research on the particular story you have issues with. There is a good chance you’re not alone and there have been scholars who dedicated a significant portion of their life to investigating this particular story and arrived to conclusions based on what they discovered.

There is also the possibility for stories from the Bible to be myths or parables. Many people believe that about Job, the Bible’s oldest book, that Job was not a real man but it’s a story that was shared for many generations to demonstrate someone who fervently serves God despite what life throws at them. It seems that Jesus’ parables may have been the same. More so stories with a moral teaching than just sharing an interesting historical story.

That may be true of that story depending on who told it and why and what purpose it may have to readers/listeners.

I think there are boundaries that you can cross with this topic that would mean you’re not a Christian, like Thomas Jefferson. To not believe that Jesus was a real man on earth and that He didn’t do the fantastic things mentioned about Him does mean you’re not a Christ follower. I’m not sure how you could believe in Jesus being the literal Son of God, Savior of mankind, sent to earth, but incapable of performing these miracles as He did.

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