When Cops Break Bad: Inside a Police Force Gone Wild. Over the past five years, police in Albuquerque have shot and killed 28 people.

Thanks for looking up the word nonsense on dictionary.com. Very helpful. Of course if you actually read my comment you would know that i wasn't calling police shootings nonsense, just the type of people who make sweeping generalizations based off isolated incidents for profit and the gullible paranoid suckers who are desperate for a new cross to nail themselves to.

But in a relatively small city, you don't have thousands of these things. You have dozens, maybe, of incidents. It is important to look at the underlying stories of individual cases.

Uh, okay. There were 28 in 5 years. If this article addressed each one to determine their merits that would maybe actually help in defending the insane conclusion that the entire police department is "out of control". They didn't though did they? They focused on a handful of them. Of course they still put the scary number 28 in their title though.

Your line about racists is different in a couple ways. You're right. A racist looks at the statistics (i'm assuming the one you used is right? I don't know)

It is. You can look it up.

But what this article does, under an admittedly bait-ish title, is provide you the causal mechanisms at the individual level for the use of violence.

You should maybe re-read your sentences before hitting save. You just went on about how racists use the behavior of individuals to judge a group and you defend yours by... looking at the "causal mechanisms at the individual level". This is different how?

The writer cites oversight reports that describe police carelessness leading to the necessary use of force.

Uh, at the "individual level". How is this different from what racists do again? How does what happens at the "individual level" somehow prove that an entire police force is "out of control"?

The writer gives emails that describe the heightened aggressive culture within the force.

Wait, I thought this was about police shootings? Now it's just about "heightened aggressive culture"?

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